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St Georges’s Day was celebrated in spectacular style at the Ampthill Masonic Centre when many lodges were represented. Union Jack topped bowler hats, red and white St George headwear and even a top hat were to be seen on some of the participants, while the dining room and bar were decorated with an abundance of bunting. The four course dinner was prepared with all English ingredients and the roast beef was carried in to much applause preceded by a trumpet fanfare. Live entertainment completed a very patriotic evening.


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Ninety masons with their wives gathered in Ampthill on a cold and dismal Friday night to celebrate the life of someone born 255 years ago and 370 miles away.

The occasion was the Burns Night Supper organised by the Ampthill Masonic Centre. The event was fully booked and many diners entered into the spirit of the occasion by wearing tartan, even if it was just a tie.

Guests were piped in to the dining room by two Scottish pipers, who later led the customary procession around the room followed by the chef bearing the Haggis and the beaming treasurer carrying two bottles of the whisky sauce.

Following the Address to the Haggis and the Selkirk Grace a traditional meal was enjoyed by all.

The evening concluded with the Loyal Toast, the toast to the Immortal Memory, the Toast to the Lassies, the Ladies Response and Auld Lang Syne.


Do you have some free time?

The Ampthill Masonic Centre would like to develop the use of the building for outside events such as birthdays, wedding breakfasts, charity fund raising and other activities not necessarily involving masons.

This would need someone with some spare time to respond to email enquiries from the general public. We also need specific masonic events to be organised such as St Georges day celebrations and charity fund raising dinners.

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