Ampthill Chapter 2490

Ampthill Chapter of Royal Arch Masons



As with Craft Freemasonry, there is debate as to the origins of the Royal Arch, not helped by the lack of written evidence. From the available evidence we know that the Royal Arch was known in London, York and Dublin by the late 1730s.


Royal Arch Masonry is always associated with a masonic craft lodge and Ampthill Chapter is associated with Ampthill Lodge.   Ampthill Chapter was consecrated on 9 May 1921 by Lord Ampthill, the Pro First Grand Principal and has met regularly ever since.



A Master Mason is eligible to be exalted into the Royal Arch four weeks after the date of his Raising. Royal Arch meetings are termed convocations and are held in units called Chapters. Members of the Order are referred to as Companions. A single ceremony of “exaltation” is conferred on a Brother, who is then entitled to wear the distinctive and colourful regalia of the Order – he is also required to wear his Royal Arch jewel in his Craft Lodge.


Interested in visiting or joining? Please contact a known companion or the secretary.



Ampthill Chapter meets on the third Monday of September, March and May